Establish a business in Sweden

VirMeda is the solution for any international company wanting to establish a business in Sweden.

We can help you establish a business or a branch in Sweden. Our services can include anything from advice on appropriate legal entity, applying for work permits for foreign personnel, handling contacts with government agencies, banks, accounting firms, etc. to finding the right suppliers and providing you with the staff you need to get the business going.

By hiring virtual employees through VirMeda you can easily scale up and down your business as needed. That is the perfect way to ensure a smooth transition to a new country. You don’t need to worry about labour laws, tax or insurance – we take care of all of that. Besides, since we work remotely no office is needed.

We help you establish business in Sweden

Our services include:

  • Legal advice
  • Filing registration with the Swedish Company Registration Agency (Bolagsverket)
  • Filing registration with the Swedish Tax Agency
  • Providing information on obligations following registration in Sweden
  • HR- services
  • Applying for work permits for foreign personnel
  • Searching for suitable suppliers
  • Providing back office staff, including executive assistants and other administrative support

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